Corporate Governance

A clear vision of purpose and strategy, aligned with an inclusive culture.

We are pleased to introduce our Corporate Governance Statement, which explains how Next-ChemX’s governance framework supports the principles of integrity, strong ethical values and professionalism integral to our business.

The Board recognises that we are accountable to shareholders for good corporate governance, and we seek to demonstrate our commitment to high standards of governance that are recognised and understood by all. In this respect we have adopted a Code of Corporate Governance that will be the basis for introducing, over time, a system of better governance for the Company.

The Code can be found here.

Leadership, governance and purpose

Good governance depends on good and effective leadership and a healthy corporate culture, supported by robust systems and processes and a good understanding of risk and risk appetite.

We aim to stay abreast of developments in good governance and practice, and have well-developed plans to ensure that we will meet the accepted standards.

This includes making sure our purpose, vision and values are clearly articulated, and that we have in place effective channels of engagement with our workforce, shareholders and stakeholders.

The Board is involved in setting measurable objectives to promote a healthy corporate culture that is aligned with strategy and delivers on our commitment to the principles of sustainability and trust that are the hallmark of our business.

Our policies and processes have been applied and developed in a way that remains consistent with our values and strategy, focusing on engagement, operational improvement, and reward and incentive structures, ensuring progress can be measured and monitored appropriately and promoting a business that is resilient, responsible and alive to opportunity.