A Proven Significantly More Economical and Environmentally Friendly Technology To Extract Low Concentrations of Ions from Liquid Solutions

NEXT-ChemX's technology is designated as "NCX"

Applicable to: Lithium extraction, Vegetable Oil refining, Radioactive ion extraction, Metal Ions extraction, and Desalination

Markets for our NCX Technology

Lithium Extraction – Our ion extraction process is a more cost-effective continuous process that is more environmentally friendly than existing commercial methods of extracting Lithium from brines.

Vegetable Oil Refining – Our proven process continuously extracts fatty acids from the oils in a significantly faster and more economical system that does not have the same waste emulsions to dispose of as exists from conventional methods.

Radioactive Ion Extraction - Our proven technology can remove strontium, cesium, cobalt and other radioactive ions that exist in waters from nuclear power plants that are currently stored in tanks pending an economical process.

Metal Ion Extraction - Our metal ion extraction technology has been proven for several metals, including copper and nickel etc., and can economically extract from mine leach solutions, as well as effluents and tailing ponds.

Desalination - Since we can extract ions existing in low concentrations, such as seawater, it is possible to remove all those ions so that pure water remains. Our process should be more economical than the conventional Reverse Osmosis desalination plants.


Benton Wilcoxon

Founder, CEO and Director

Benton is an accomplished American entrepreneur with a world-class talent for integrating new material technologies into revolutionary products.

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Dr. Nikolai M. Kocherginsky

Ph. D Chemical Physics, Founder and Chief Scientist

A foremost expert in liquid supported membranes and has developed several chemical extraction and separation systems that are based upon entirely novel principles of biomimicry.

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John Michael Johnson

Founder, President, Financial Officer and Director

Mr. Johnson brings professional experience gained from his services to a variety of public and privately held middle market businesses for over 30 years.

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Dmitry Sindalovsky

Marketing and Business Development

Experienced in commercialized new technologies and heads our Eastern European operations which includes our NEXT-BioOils and NEXT-Alchem projects in Ukraine.

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Michael D. McIntosh

Patent Attorney and IP Strategist

Experienced in chemical engineering background specifically in this field, with years developing successful IP strategies worldwide.

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Dominic Majendie

Business Development

Educated in England and at Geneva University in Law, Dominic Majendie has held a variety of senior managerial position including as an officer and director of US publicly traded companies over a period of 40 years.

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