About Us

Next-ChemX has developed a novel membrane-based ion extraction technology that mimics biophysical processes in nature to separate low concentrations of ions from any liquid and extract them into highly concentrated form.

The technology is both more economical and more environmentally friendly than most existing solutions and it has already been proven in both lab tests and small commercial pilot plants. Our IP strategy is already in process to file additional patents and develop proprietary systems.

We have a scientific team containing one of the 5 top membrane chemists in the world, who spent years developing our technology.

Pilot plants are being set up in our laboratory to prove the economics of each of the applications for a specific customer's "solution".

Our founding team is experienced in developing advanced materials and setting up commercial production with marketing worldwide.

Some of the key uses for our technology is in:

  • Lithium Extraction from Natural Brines, Geothermal Wells, or Leach Solutions.
  • Extracting Fatty Acids from Vegetable Oils for a More Economical Refining without environmental issues.
  • Extracting of Radioactive Ions from Nuclear Plant stored water.
  • Extracting of Metal Ions from Mine Leach Solutions, Effluents, or Tailings Ponds.
  • Desalination of Sea Water, by Extracting Ions for Water Purification